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Tim has had been physically active with sports, military and other similar activities most of his life. Like so many others, starting a family, homeownership, and all the other joys of life eventually caught up with him. Knowing this needed to change, Tim found a new passion in physical fitness after undergoing his own transformation several years ago.

Tim has spent most of his professional career in the Medical Device industry working for some of the largest device manufacturers in the world. The work of doing things that matter to the quality and longevity of life in others fit with Tim's personal values. Upon discovering the Farrell's program, he found it to be the right match with those values on a much more personal and tangible level.

Tim began his journey at FXB Blaine in MN, where he progressed from 10-week challenge member to coach and instructor. His classes are high energy with an intensity that pushes members to discover and go beyond their limits to achieve more than what they thought was possible.

Tim is a respected instructor and coach, routinely sought out for his advice on training and nutrition. As co-owners, Tim and his wife Sara are committed to making Farrell's the premiere group fitness program in the Twin Cities.

I joined FXB in April, 2011, at the Blaine location after receiving a flyer in the mail. I was nearing my 40th birthday and knew that I wanted to enter my 40s healthy and fit. Working out six days a week was really tough and something that was brand new. I had never been an athletic person so had to work extra hard to get the moves right and make progress. I ended up losing weight, reducing my body fat, and gaining an excitement for working out that I'd never had in the past. In addition, I made friends that I'll have for a life time.

I went from not being active to attending FXB regularly for over three years. During that time, I saw the amazing impact the program had on people's lives and knew that I wanted to expand the franchise and include more people in the benefits. As an owner, instructor and coach, I am committed to supporting the members and the individual goals that each person has. My favorite aspect of the gym are the members and their commitment to each other. They are caring of one another, non-judgmental and truly motivating. I can't say enough positive things about FXB!

Over 27 years ago, my husband encouraged me to join a gym with him. After my first few aerobics and weight training classes, I was hooked! As a lifelong runner and admittedly a bit of a fitness junkieJ, I love to share my enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle with others.

Over the years, I have participated in a variety of activities, from running, weight training and kickboxing, to yoga, kettle bells, cross-fit and spin--I like to mix it up and dial up the intensity! My first taste of kickboxing, however, did not come at FXB. Before the birth of my third child, I was pursuing a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and was forced to quit due to health concerns. It wasn’t until 16 years later, when I joined FXB, that I finally returned to my kickboxing roots. I wasn’t really looking for a new gym, until one of my dearest friends, a recent breast cancer survivor, asked if I would consider joining Farrell’s as her workout buddy.

In October 2014, I enrolled in my first 10-week session at FXB Maple Grove. At the time, I thought I was reasonably fit. I soon realized that I had become pretty content with just being “sort of fit” and was amazed by my significant improvement in endurance and strength over those first 10 weeks! The next 10-week session, my husband joined me on the mats. He saw a dramatic reduction in body fat and weight, and more importantly, a significant drop in blood pressure and cholesterol. By my third 10-week session, I was honored to have the opportunity to coach a group of women and loved having the chance to give back by helping them achieve their fitness goals--it was awesome!

I love the community at Farrell’s and know that it is a huge part of why this system works. The way members support and encourage each other, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey, is second to none! It has been so inspirational to see the transformations that happen every 10 weeks and I am blessed to be a part of this amazing community!

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